We offer perinatal/maternal wellness, pregnancy counseling,body-mind-spirit, transformation for mothers and parents. Helping to enhance birth experience and reduce risk of birth complications.

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WelcomeThis website is dedicated to transforming the earth through birth, one baby at a time.  This is a ground breaking website dedicated to supporting motherhood, parenthood and the sacredness of all of life. Through the path of the heart and peaceful mind, we are here to help counsel, coach, educate and inspire you through the wondrous and challenging experiences of this rite of passage. With loving arms we offer emotional and spiritual support to help create a positive and enriching experience.

COURSES TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE: For the first time, we are offering two pioneering courses, that will help make your life extraordinary, The Open Heart 1 & 2. This curriculum offers tools and exercises to help you transform yourself before becoming a parent, your child’s first teacher and role model.

We Provide

  • counseling and coaching support
  • education in natural birth choices
  • resources for maternal/birth care
  • pre-conception preparation for parenthood
  • tools for couple relationship
  • online courses

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Buffy Bernhardt

Buffy Bernhardt, LMSW

Pregnancy Therapist
Family/Maternal/Perinatal Wellness Coach.
Founder of SacredMotherhood.com and
The Open Heart: 1 & 2
©, a self-growth course for mothers and parents to be.

“It is a pleasure to welcome you to this site and to the journey of becoming a mother and parent. For over 20 years, I have been caring for mothers and families from pre-conception through birth, as a pregnancy therapist/coach and social worker, with a New York State license and certification.” ~ Buffy


Orgasmic Birth DVD
“SacredMotherhood.com is a source of support that every pregnant woman needs, as she transitions into this most significant rite of passage. Through counseling, coaching and education, this site provides a blueprint of consciousness for the journey through motherhood. Through Buffy Bernhardt’s gentle care and wisdom, we emerge stronger and more connected to our role as mothers, as we learn to hold our children in deepest love.”

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Director of the documentary, Orgasmic Birth

This website is dedicated to my teacher, Meher Baba.