About Us

Buffy Bernhardt, LMSW

Founder and Director of SacredMotherhood.com
Bio, Experience, and Professional History

Our Mission

Sacred Motherhood.com was created to help parents raise the consciousness of birthing a child, and to support mothers and families through the birth continuum. This counseling, educational website is for parents who are responding to a deep calling of our human family to return home to a heart centered, natural world, and all that we hold sacred.

If you are looking for support and nurturing during your journey through pregnancy, we provide mothers and parents with a road-map for bringing healing consciousness to the birth continuum, promoting optimal health and happiness.

Conscious Motherhood

Conscious motherhood involves re-balancing your two worlds: the world within yourself (your mind and spirit) and the world that lives outside of you, (relationships, home and the world at large). As a mother you are being asked to create a state of harmony and love within yourself, so that you can create a world for your baby of loving kindness, nurturing and rhythm. Your baby’s life is profoundly affected when you conceive in divine love, create a pregnancy of harmony, give birth in a heart centered way. Together we will explore and help you prepare yourself in a holistic way for motherhood, for the stages of conception, pregnancy and birth.

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