Buffy Bernhardt, LMSW

Founder and Director of  SacredMotherhood.com

Therapist and Coach

Buffy Bernhardt

As you travel through the journey of motherhood and parenthood, my role as therapist and coach, is to guide, nurture, listen and help you get in touch with parenthood and birth wisdom that is innate to your body, mind and spirit.

As a therapist:

I create a loving, respectful space of emotional and spiritual support. Together, we will safely explore past issues, present and future concerns so that you can fully experience this profound right of passage.

We focus on pre-conception preparation, conception, pregnancy, birth and family education and issues, emotional imbalances, personal growth and wellness.

I have extensive experience in all areas of the birth continuum and family/relationship counseling, stress management,  personal transformation, visualization and meditation practices, as well as life coaching.

I guide women with loving arms, to tap into their own body wisdom, to discover where personal growth and healing is needed, so that she can journey into motherhood with a generous heart and harmonious mind.

As a coach:

  • I will help you develop a personalized prenatal curriculum.
  • Build a road map and toolbox that will enhance and support a positive and powerful experience from pre-conception through birth
  • Encourage enrollment in our on-line courses to help empower and transform your birthing journey

The core of my work  and primary focus is based on love and wisdom. It is my privilege to walk this sacred journey with women and parents who wish to grow and bring new life onto this earth.

As A Mother

It is through my own personal journey of motherhood, that I have had the honor of birthing and shepherding my son into this world. My goal as a parent has been to continue to grow and transform myself, so that I could raise him with consciousness and from a generous heart. As a result, Ian as an adult, lives a harmonious life that is healthy and balanced.

Professional History

As a licensed and certified social worker, I have had a private psychotherapy practice for 28 years. I have received certificates from, researched, trained in the field of birth/labor support and birth psychology, transpersonal psychology, energy healing, self-growth, conscious relationship, mindfulness training. I have studied both eastern and western spirituality and consciousness. I run groups teaching stress management, positive self-growth and transformation for mothers and parents; and present my work at universities, ie: BYU Utah, Columbia University Motherhood Conference at The Museum of Motherhood; involved in university research for Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapies; broadcast live via an internet show on consciousness. I receive most of my referrals from midwives, doctors, doulas, birth educators and other parents.

  • Hunter College, BA in Clinical Psychology
  • Fordham University, MSW in Clinical Psychology
  • LMSW, certified in 1981

Member of Professional Organizations:

  • The American Psychological Association (APA)
  • The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)

It is my joy to welcome you to this site, as you explore the many offerings, articles and contributions from other professionals.

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