Debra Pascali-Bonaro, B. Ed., CD (DONA), LCCE

Sacred Motherhood is a source of support that every pregnant woman needs as she transitions into this most significant right of passage. Through outstanding counseling, support and educational services, this site provides a blueprint of consciousness for the journey through motherhood. In referring clients to Buffy Bernhardt for many years, her gentle care and professional wisdom, helps us emerge stronger and more connected to our role as mothers and parents, as we learn to hold our children in deepest love. She has a special gift to help women process past traumas, resolve issues concerning the birth continuum, and inspire self growth hrough her deep wisdom.

Valeriana Pasqua Masback, Midwife

As a midwife, I have referred patients to Buffy for many years. Her wisdom, professional expertise, and guidance are a powerful gift to the women and families I work with. Sacred Motherhood delivers what every pregnant woman urgently needs: a full range of preinatal support services, as well as a way to help creative a positive and empowering birth experience, the biggest transition in a woman’s life – the birth of a child.  Sacred Motherhood offers a ground breaking and unique course for women and parents that brings confidence and healing consciousness to parenthood, promoting health and happiness for all concerned: The Open Heart; A Return to Love. This course can profoundly enhance the experience of pregnancy and birth for both mother and baby.


After a long illness that made it difficult to conceive, my doctor told me that I might need artificial insemination. I was blessed to have Buffy in my life, as she taught me visual imagery and gave me tools to help me conceive naturally and overcome physical and emotional issues. In my heart, I know it was her love, compassion, spirit and guidance that allowed me to open up to receive this wonderful gift, our little baby girl. ~ M.M. mother

Self Growth

Buffy is a gentle and gifted teacher and healer, and I have referred many clients to her. Her guidance through positive and uncomfortable moments of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood has been powerful and transformative. She has helped me change the way I approach life, and myself and has taught me to connect with myself and my journey into motherhood in a whole, sacred and empowered way. ~ A.B. mother and doula

Cesarean Section

Upon deciding to have a second child, my childbirth educator recommended that I see Buffy to resolve difficult issues resulting from a Cesarean Section. I felt a very close relationship with her and felt completely safe and supported. Now after a few short months of sessions, I trust myself and am more confident. Working with Buffy has improved my relationship with my husband, daughter and most importantly, myself. ~ C.L. mother

Post Partum Depression

1) At 34 years old I had my first child after a difficult pregnancy. Four months after my son’s birth, I started to spend my afternoons crying and wishing I could run away and developed chest pains and obsessive thoughts of nervousness. After seeing a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with post partum depression, who put me on meds, and told me to find a pregnancy therapist who specializes in women’s health issues.

Upon working with Buffy, we clicked from the minute we met each other. Her warmth, insight and expertise were so evident at each session. Buffy used numerous interventions and methods to help me find order, peace of mind and heal the depression. She also helped me build a support system of professionals to help me with complicated physical issues that were impacting me emotionally. She helped me find myself once again, live a depression free life, one of empowerment and balance. I will be forever grateful to Buffy for helping me totally transform my life. I love her dearly, and so grateful that she is in my life. ~ A.F. mother

2) I live over an hour away from Buffy, and look forward to what has become a half day ritual of self care and healing; which includes the drive, the counseling session, and journaling afterward. I always feel so welcome, at home in the safe and nurturing space that she provides, physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.  She has helped me transform postpartum depression into sacred motherhood, and the end of a marriage into the territory of great self-discovery. Ever compassionate, humble, in tune, gentle and filled with grace, she is one of those beautiful souls that said Yes! to her natural gift and has built a life and a career out of it. She is an inspiration and a role model, a rare and beautiful visionary, an artist. ~anonymous mother

Personal Transformation

The one-on-one coaching with Buffy was truly a life-changing and transformational experience. I learned how to stay calm and non-reactive in many of life’s storms. I became a true “observer” in my own life and relationships. As a mom, I have become more aware of the true needs of my children which can sometimes get lost in the day to day business of life. I have learned to recognize old wounds and patterns of my own old childhood which has helped me to make better decisions and choices in my day-to-day mothering. Most importantly, Buffy’s coaching sessions have given me the parenting tools to teach my children how to navigate through their own lives and to help themselves. Buffy is truly a mother’s teacher and a source of light and guidance.  ~ anonymous mother

Perinatal Grief and Loss

My time with Buffy profoundly changed my life. I had suffered a traumatic second trimester loss and was desperate for tools to cope with my loss. Buffy gently guided me to look inside, reconnect with my own spiritual path and begin the process of acceptance and healing. Since my first visit with her, I experienced another second trimester loss and had such a strong center and understanding of the grieving and healing process from Buffy, that the second loss was one of the most spiritual and meaningful experiences in my life. Anyone who has an opportunity to process with Buffy is absolutely blessed!!  ~ L.M. mother

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