Coaching sessions are for those who, for the most part, are creating the life that you desire, but want to take yourself to the next level of consciousness and empowerment. These sessions are designed to help you awaken your divine potential, by creating a personal curriculum to meet your specific needs.

Parents have shred that these sessions have been a rare opportunity to make their lives extraordinary , using tools for transformation in preparation for a powerful birth experience. By learning how to live your life as your essential self, you pave the way for your baby’s bright and joyous future by:

  • Take your relationship to the next level into parenthood
  • Optimal approaches for conception, pregnancy and birth
  • Organizing and prioritizing for a peaceful life and home
  • Tools and goals for enhancing spirituality, creativity
  • Health and body awareness
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Self growth and personal empowerment
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Resources and links to enhance your motherhood and parenting experience.

Build a coaching toolbox

Tools for preparing for conception and pregnancy:

  • Creating positive thought forms for manifestation
  • Tools for self growth and healing
  • Tools for building home
  • Partnership; tools for a loving conception; bonding
  • Body-mind connection; relaxation, meditations, affirmations and visualizations for harmonious pregnancy and birth
  • Creative projects

Scheduling a session

Fee for 1 hour session:  $140.00 per hour (paypal, etc)
All sessions are in person or by phone.

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns you may have: 845 353-4149 (EST). These calls are time limited. When leaving a phone message, please leave your cell and home phones.

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