What can I expect from a session?
How will this help my baby?
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Rite of Passage

Having a baby is a rite of passage for a woman based on divine love, and will be one of the most powerful and important events of her life. With this experience comes a world of both profound joy and love, as well as challenges and demands. Sometimes, counseling is needed as a means of support for unresolved issues.

Parents have shared that this intervention was a vital contribution, and helped create a life transforming and magical birthing experience.

Therapists’s Role

My role as a counselor/coach is to act as an emotional and spiritual midwife. I provide support, guidance, education along this path to creating new life. As a committed listener, my heart centered approach provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere. The risk of birth trauma, stress and complications can be greatly reduced by psychological, spiritual and emotional support. I offer an integrative and alternative approach to body, mind and spirit.

Together we will:

  • Explore areas of concern in anticipation of conception, pregnancy, birth, mothering and family issues, as you transition into your new identity as a mother.
  • We will share in a deep nurturing experience and explore emotional issues as they arise, that may cause challenging feelings, doubt and discomfort.
  • Build a toolbox of techniques for: conception, personal support, baby bonding, relationship building.
  • Develop a balanced and heart/love centered pregnancy to enrich your journey from  conception to birth.
  • Increase awareness of yourself, your partner, baby.
  • Enhance personal growth and empowerment for balanced and harmonious parenthood.
  • Nurture the baby and family bond.

What can I expect from a session?

  • Journey into self discovery
  • Prenatal/perinatal reproductive mental health
  • Mindfulness, body-centered awareness for birthing, prenatal bonding and childbirth: imagery and affirmations used for bonding and to resolve anxiety and instill a sense of confidence in the body’s resources.
  • Preconception planning
  • Perinatal ambivalence, childbirth, parenthood fears
  • VBAC counseling
  • Building and healing supportive relationship/partnership.
  • Miscarriage and infant death: supporting the process of grief and loss.
  • Balance: baby-proof your life for marriage and self
  • Assistance with birth plan: realistic and ideal.
  • Personal history: healing past wounds, both personal and previous birth story.
  • Postpartum adjustment: sharing of labor experience and adjustments in caring for a newborn; positive and negative feelings, integrating new identity.
  • Sexuality issues: developing your feminine wholeness.

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How will this help my baby?


  • Parents who are in harmony with themselves and each other during conception is a very important component that helps build a strong foundation for a balanced and healthy child.
  • The service we offer will help create a world of positive energy, setting the stage for divine love that surrounds conception and the early days of formation in the womb.


  • It is said that your baby can feel, sense and hear everything while in the mother’s womb. The tools we offer will help sensitize you to your baby’s highly vulnerable world, as your baby is totally relying on you for its life support of, growth and existence. The physical and spiritual health of your baby thrives on this deep bond of love.
  • We will teach you bonding and interactive connection in this sacred world that will help to enhance your baby’s ability to develop good self esteem, trusting relationships, personally and in the world at large. It helps to develop language and communication skills.
  • While your baby’s brain is being formed, it is important to connect using visualizations and auditory stimulation to enhance cognitive and mental development.


Using our centering tools such as visualization, meditation and bonding techniques, contributes to a positive, conscious and natural birth experience. These tools develop an intimate and interactive bonding strength, powerful building blocks for a healthy, harmonious and balanced child.

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Scheduling a session

Sessions are either in person or by phone
Fee for 1 hour counseling session: $140.00 per hour

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns you may have: 845 353-4149 (EST). These calls are time limited. When leaving a phone message, please leave your cell and home phones.

If you would like me to email you an intake form, that includes: how to set up an in person or by-phone appointment, payment procedure, insurance details, personal history, please email me at the above address.


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