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The Open Heart#1:

Awaken your divine potential. This is a rare opportunity for parents to make your life extraordinary, using tools for transformation in preparation for a powerful birth experience. By learning how to live your life as your essential self, you pave the way for your baby’s bright and joyous future by:

  • Organizing and prioritizing for a peaceful life and home
  • Developing tools and goals for enhancing spirituality, creativity
  • Cultivating a healthy life balance with parent-mindfulness practices
  • CD’s for balancing and harmonizing your life as a parent

(more details on this course are coming soon)

The Open Heart #2: A Return to Love

A pre-conception and pregnancy course for mothers and parents. This course will change your life in 3 weeks! THIS COURSE IS UNIQUE. For the first time, a course is being offered that is dedicated to transforming yourself in preparation for parenthood.

Prepare yourself  psychologically and spiritually for motherhood before conception, through this program of self growth and learning about yourself in a balanced way. By developing healthy behaviors within yourself, you will transform yourself for motherhood and parenthood. Your baby’s well-being depends largely on your mental and spiritual health as a mother.

Some topics include:

  • Parenting with a positive, calm mind, mindfulness; visualizations
  • Parent’s and partner’s appropriate use of  assertiveness and speaking your truth
  • Healthy ways to handle difficult emotions from conception through birth
  • Heal the past to transform your future as a parent
  • Partnership heart centered/empowered communication/baby bonding skills
  • Developing love, patience, respect, self care for yourself in motherhood
  • CD’s on bonding, articles by experts in the field

(more details on this course are coming soon)

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