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Anne Margolis, CNM and Anastasia Libovich, CM

Anne Margolis, CNM and Anastasia Libovich, CM

Anne Margolis CNM, LM, NP, MSN, BSN, RNC

Anne Margolis received her B.S.N. in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania, her degree in Nurse-Midwifery from the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing, and her Master’s in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University. 

Anne is a doula and a childbirth educator, and incorporates the art of labor support and teaching into her midwifery practice.  Anne is the mother of  four grown breastfed children;  two were delivered vaginally by an obstetrician, (luckily!) while  waiting for a cesarean both times, for complications resulting from  standard hospital interventions, and two were caught by the loving hands of a midwife.

Anne has extensive training and clinical experience in women’s health and maternity care, in both in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings, using an integrative approach—one that combines the best of modern medicine with natural, holistic modalities.

Anne is passionately devoted to her homebirth practice, which reflects a more sensitive, personal, humanistic and family centered approach to maternity care, and her confidence in a healthy woman’s innate ability to give birth normally and naturally.

Anastasia Libovich, CM, LM, MS

Anastasia Libovich received her Masters in Midwifery at SUNY Downstate. She also holds a Masters in Education and a B.A. in Information Systems. She is a licensed midwife in New York and is certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board.

Anastasia’s practice has been shaped by experience and training in women’s health in a variety of both clinical and informal settings. In and out of hospital, she has striven to bring a compassionate, conscious and integrative model of care to the families she works with. Whether as a Birthing From Within mentor; a lactation peer counselor for the WIC program; a teacher of infant CPR to families with children; a founder of teen and women’s support groups; or as a midwife in the home or in the hospital, she has applied the tools of self-reflection, introspection and meditation to her midwifery practice.

Anastasia’s pregnancy and the birth of her first child, Arianrhood, led her to the world of homebirth—a world of passionate, dedicated, intelligent and caring women from whom she began to learn the skills and art of midwifery. She works to maintain that same passion and dedication in her own practice, and is deeply committed to assisting women and families in having peaceful and empowering birthing experiences. She believes in the transformative potential of the homebirth experience, and her own spirit is nurtured by being witness to it. She is also conscious of the race and class limitations of homebirth as it is currently practiced, and she is committed to making the experience more available and accessible to working class women and women of color.

In her spare time Anastasia enjoys practicing yoga, traveling, and bellydancing. Other interests include fermenting, foraging and cooking. Learning about all the different “foods” which nourish our physical, emotional and spiritual selves helps her to heal and grow in order to foster that same process in others. She believes strongly that, in order to be able to work with others from a place of strength and consciousness, the provider must do the individual work necessary to ground herself spiritually. For this reason she is committed to the practice of Zen, and attempts to bring mindfulness and an open heart to every interaction, every care visit, and every birth.

Anastasia is the mother of two small children. Both were born at home in The Bronx and welcomed into the world by midwives. She feels lucky to have had these experiences and finds joy in sharing the world of home birth with other mothers, fathers, children and families. She lives with Court, the father of her two daughters, Arianrhood and Serafima, and together they support one another in raising and nurturing their children.

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