Valeriana Pasqua-Masback

Certified Nurse-Midwife

Valeriana has practiced midwifery since 1992. She offers Homebirth and Holistic Well-Woman care. My role as a homebirth midwife has been a deep calling and powerful way that I can assist women in the birthing process.

  • I graduated in 1992 from Columbia University Midwifery School, then worked as part of the midwifery team at North Central Bronx Hospital for three years.
  • In 1995 I opened my Homebirth Midwifery practice in Rockland County,  New York.  My practice provides home birth and holistic well-woman care, and I am licensed in New York and New Jersey.
  • I also lecture on home birth, run workshops and study groups on natural family planning and alternative women’s health.
photo by Dyana Van Campen,

Valeriana Pasqua-Masback

When I look at the bigger vision of humanity, I feel that I and all other home birth midwives are in service to the earth, to future generations. For each child whom I assist into a world of love and consciousness, brings healing to humanity and the world at large.

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To contact Valeriana about her midwifery services and for more information about adding her to your Birth Circle, please contact her via her website

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